Michael-Robin Witt   CEO   mrw@gabather.com

Michael-Robin Witt



Acting CEO Dr Michael-Robin Witt holds a Ph.D. in Neuropharmacology from the Royal School of Pharmacy, Copenhagen, Denmark. He has published more than 50 publications in peer-reviewed scientific journals. Following 12 years in academic research, at the Brain Research Institute, St. Hans Hospital, Roskilde, Denmark. MRW has held senior line and project management positions in Scandinavian Biotech companies including Neurosearch AB (1999-2000), AstraZeneca R&D (2000-2003), KaroBio AB (2003-2007). In 2007, MRW co-founded Axcentua Pharmaceuticals AB, acting as CSO for 5 years before joining Lead Discovery Malaysia in 2012 where he currently holds the positions of CEO & CSO. MRW joined Gabather AB in September 2014 and was appointed Principal Scientist in October 2015. He is currently CEO.

Mogens Nielsen   CSO   mn@gabather.com

Mogens Nielsen



Mogens Nielsen, Candidatus scientiarum (Master of Science), served as Professor and head of the Research Institute of Biological Psychiatry, Sct. Hans Hospital, and the Biological department in Roskilde between 1971 and 1999. He has more than 180 publications and has served as guest professor at several international universities and as an affiliate with the University of Pharmaceutical Sciences in Copenhagen. He is a member of the editorial board of the Open Journal of Medicinal Chemistry. He received the Lundbeck Award in 1982. He is also Professor Honoris Causa at Shanxi Academy of TCM, Xian, China.

Ola Skanung   CFO  ola@ledningresurs.se

Ola Skanung



Ola Skanung has a Master of business and economics with many years of experience as CFO and working with start-ups and growth projects within the private as well as with state and regional development actors.

Johanna Pasquariello   Program Manager   jp@gabather.com

Johanna Pasquariello

Program Manager


Johanna has extensive experience within areas such as project leader, consultant manager as well as drug consultant and product specialist at Pfizer and Bayer. She also has an extensive background as a nurse in areas such as intensive and dialysis care as well as cardiac and chest medicine. Johanna is a trained nurse with additional training in intensive care and has a bachelor’s degree as behaviourist within the social psychology area.

Stefan Rehnmark   Principal Scientist   sr@gabather.com

Stefan Rehnmark

Principal Scientist


Dr. Stefan Rehnmark holds a PhD in Physiology from the Wenner-Gren Institute, Stockholm University, where he also is appointed Associate Professor. After more than 10 years of academic research he moved to the Biotech industry, where he has been working for 18 years, holding several positions, such as Head of Molecular Biology, Head of Pharmacology, Project Manager and Principal Scientist. In 2007, he co-founded Axcentua Pharmaceuticals, where he served as CSO and CEO. In 2014, he co-founded Noviga Research, a Biotech company active in the development of oncology therapeutics. He joined Gabather AB as Principal Scientist in August 2016.

Malin Lindskog   Office Manager   ml@gabather.com

Malin Lindskog

Office Manager


Administration and Economics: Malin works with administration and finances since the start of 2016 at Gabather. Before her time at Gabather, Malin studied Business and Administration Bachelor at Lund University with a specialization in Leadership and Management.