Developing drug candidates for the treatment of CNS diseases

Based on ground-breaking research at Lund University and the Research Institute of Biological Psychiatry in Roskilde, Gabather was founded in 2014 with the purpose of developing innovative and effective therapeutics for neuropsychiatric disorders.

We focus our research and development on developing novel pro-cognitive drug candidates targeting the GABAA receptor systems for the treatment of central nervous system (CNS) disorders. GABAA receptors are the major inhibitory signaling system in the brain that regulate key CNS functions. Dysfunction or imbalance in this system is known to be at the core of numerous neurological and neuropsychiatric disorders.

We have a strong patent portfolio of novel GABAA receptor modulators, containing two composition of matter patents. In addition, we have several pending patent applications covering novel formulations, chemical synthesis, and medical use of GABAA receptor modulators. Gabather's goal is to use the inventions to bring novel treatments for neuropsychiatric disorders to the patients. 

Gabather has four focus areas with huge unmet medical needs: anti-psychotics, anti-depressants and anxiolytics, analgesics, as well as cognition-enhancing treatments, including Alzheimer’s disease. Our current focus is on developing the pro-cognitive drug candidate, GT-002, for the treatment of three different indications: Alzheimer’s disease, Schizophrenia, and Major Depressive Disorders.

We are located at the Biovation Park in Södertälje, south of Stockholm, where the main part of our R&D activities is performed.

Gabather's share is traded on Nasdaq First North Growth market in Stockholm (ticker: GABA).