Gabather in short

Our most advanced drug candidate GT-002 is in late clinical phase I studies. GT-002 is a fast-acting pro-cognitive GABAA receptor modulator with a unique and attractive profile. In preclinical studies GT-002 has been shown to improve memory function and cognition, promote social interaction, inhibit psychosis, and exhibit anti-depressive effects. Phase I clinical studies in healthy volunteers have shown that GT-002 is safe and well tolerated and has an excellent pharmacokinetic profile suited for once-a-day oral dosing.

A clinical phase Ib study will be initiated shortly to elucidate the location(s) of GT-002 effects in the human brain and investigate its effects on brain signalling, to establish target engagement in humans. EEG (electroencephalogram) and fMRI (functional magnetic resonance imaging) will be used to characterize the functional properties of GT-002.

Gabather has two in-house libraries consisting of >1000 proprietary compounds protected by strong patents. Four new chemical entity drug candidates across several CNS indications are currently under investigation.