Vision & Strategy

Novel therapeutics for mental disorders


Our vison is to bring novel transformative medicine to the patient to treat psychiatric disorders in a fast and effective way.


Gabather focuses on developing the next generation of therapeutics for neuropsychiatric disorders by targeting the GABAA receptor system with the aim of restoring a disturbed balance in the brain. Using our proprietary GABAA receptor pharmacophore model, we have designed novel proprietary compounds that are intended to specifically modulate GABAA receptor activity.

Our unique drug discovery engine has generated one drug candidate that currently is in phase I/II clinical development and lead compounds with novel pharmacological profiles that currently are under pre-clinical development with the aim of selecting a clinical candidate (CD) for further clinical development.

Our development strategy is to select compounds based on their therapeutic potential in restoring the excitatory/inhibitory balance in the brain. By using this unique strategy, target engagement in humans can be determined at an early stage to accelerate the development of novel neuropsychiatric medicines.

We believe our innovative drug development approach offers unique opportunities to develop potentially transformative medicines that will achieve our main goal, providing improved treatments of mental diseases in an effective way. Gabather is committed to becoming a key player in providing novel therapeutics for mental disorders.